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2024 Designer Door Collection

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This stunning collection exudes beauty and sophistication, with the power to elevate the exterior of any contemporary or transitional home.

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Make A Strong First Impression

Make a strong first impression with the most faithful woodgrain in fiberglass doors — a remarkably refined and durable door by MASTERGRAIN.

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NEW - Lift & Slide Patio Door

Slide into durability and premium quality with the fully constructed pultruded fiberglass patio door manufactured in Canada.

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Exclusive use of industry-leading Nickel Vapor Deposition technology to accurately mirror organic woodgrain.


Obvious beauty, hidden strength and easy maintenance with high-quality fiberglass skins and components.


Proudly manufactured in Canada with high-quality standards and an innovative team.


The widest range of door products, including up to 6 grains, design series, and custom options.

Cherry Door Anatomy

Beautiful On The Inside Too

Going beyond its striking appearance, you will find a MASTERGRAIN™ door has a robust build quality that delivers energy and performance criteria that are best-in-class in the door industry. The difference is in the design and engineering, in the materials’ quality, and finally in the state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

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1. Door Skins

Nickel Vapor Deposition (NVD) technology, a process exclusive to MasterGrain, is used to mold the world’s strongest fiberglass door skins of various thicknesses and finishes.


Nickel Vapor Deposition (NVD) technology

2. Polyurethane Foam Core

High-density, CFC-free polyurethane foam is injected into the slab core to offer superior insulation, energy efficiency, sound-dampening, and resistance to dents and other damage.

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Polyurethane Form Core

3. Engineered Wood with Hardwood Maple Cap

Stiles are made from premium materials so they are exceptionally strong, stable and straight. They are also built wider than industry standard with uniform lock and hinge sides to accommodate almost any hardware and improve door performance over time

Engineered Wood with Hardwood Cap

4. Composite Rails

Rot-resistant composite (plastic film and wood fibers) are used for both the top and bottom rails. This material is resilient and more stable than wood or other materials.

Composite Rails

5. Composite Reinforced Mull Post

Composite core components with aluminum reinforcement offers increased security, strength and fire ratings. Plus, fiberglass cladding adds complete design versatility.

  1. Composite Trim (Contemporary Profile)
  2. Fiberglass Cladding
  3. Composite Core
  4. Aluminum Reinforcement
  5. Composite Trim (Traditional Profile)
Composite Reinforced Mull Post

6. Bronze or Mill Finish Aluminum Sills

Designed specifically to provide a tight seal, aluminum sills protect against moisture, air and debris infiltration into the home while offering the ability to complement any entry door system and configuration.


Mill Finish Aluminum Sills

7. Molded Fiberglass Door Lite Frame

A patented clip assembly system is employed to eliminate the need for unsightly screws and plugs. It creates a unique look that is completely seamless.

  1. Plugged Frame System
  2. Plugless Frame System
Molded Fiberglass Door Lite Frame

8. Simulated Dividing Lites (SDLs)

Made with molded fiberglass to provide countless customization options, SDLs can be used in any design configuration as well as stained to match door panels and other components.


9. Sidelite Composite Glass Stop

Matching composite glass stops, made with or without woodgrain, are installed on the inside of the door lite frame to hold glass securely in place, deliver improved performance and durability and make removal/replacement easier.

Sidelite Composite Glass Stop

10. Composite Jambs with Woodgrain Fiberglass Cladding

All jambs are made using composite material. Woodgrain fiberglass-clad jambs are offered to attain a completely seamless look as they can be stained.

  1. Knotty Alder / Oak
  2. Fir
  3. Cherry / Mahogany
Call Outs No Edge Smooth

11. Brickmold with Woodgrain Fiberglass Cladding

Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, this fiberglass-clad brickmold is used as an aesthetic casing. It will not rot, split or warp and is completely stainable for a beautiful and seamless aesthetic.

  1. Fiberglass Cladding
  2. Composite Core
Brickmold with Woodgrain Fiberglass Cladding

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