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Why Mastergrain

Our Story

In 2008, Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc., a tooling company based in Midland, Ontario, Canada, set out to leverage their proprietary Nickel Vapor Deposition (NVD) technology to completely revolutionize how fiberglass entry doors are made.

NVD technology provides a unique way to capture fine surface grain details found on wood, leather and other materials. It works by taking a silicone cast of the actual material and then creating highly specialized nickel tools, which are used to transfer the grain. With NVD, Weber created a complete offering of fiberglass door designs and fiberglass-clad components. The offering was branded MASTERGRAIN™ and the company quickly began selling doors across North America.

While there are other technologies that can replicate wood grain for fiberglass door production, none can deliver the intricate and beautiful detail that a MASTERGRAIN door is able to produce at a microscopic level using NVD technology.

Today, in addition to MASTERGRAIN doors, Weber uses NVD technology to create tooling and finished products for some of the world’s most luxurious automotive, aerospace and building product brands. Among these well-known customers are BMW, Tesla and Boeing.

Our Technology

MASTERGRAIN is an exclusive user of Nickel Vapor Deposition (NVD) technology for door manufacturing. This coveted, highly specialized process meticulously transfers the unique, fine-grain details of real wood surfaces onto fiberglass skins. This results in MASTERGRAIN creating the most realistic and stunning woodgrain fiberglass door systems on the market.

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Our Promise

As we continue to pioneer new products and technologies, set higher industry standards, and influence innovative design trends, MASTERGRAIN remains committed to prioritizing exceptional customer service. That’s why MASTERGRAIN proudly guarantees 100% satisfaction and peace of mind throughout your door-buying and owning experience.

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