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Front Door Color Trends 2024

If there’s any place in your home to make a design statement, it’s with the color of your front door. Get ready to unleash your inner color enthusiast as we explore the vibrant landscape of front door color trends for 2024. From bright and bold to subtle and subdued, the possibilities are endless. Read on to find out what colors are trending in exterior design this year.

Expect the unexpected

Feeling adventurous? Go with a lilac, a pastel that’s predicted to dominate front door color trends in 2024. But you don’t have to take our word for it; the spike in online searches for “lilac front doors” is proof alone. In the last year, online searches for this color have soared: Google by 271%, TikTok by 240% and Pinterest by 100%, confirming the love homeowners have for this trending tone.

YourStyle Edge Smooth Potentially Purple Paint Color - MASTERGRAIN Door

GET IDEAS: YourStyle Edge Smooth | Potentially Purple (SW6821)

All bets on blue

Among the colors coming to the fore in 2024, expect to see an array of blue hues used on exteriors doors, thanks to color experts like Sherwin Williams unveiling ‘Upward’ – a refreshing blue that brings a sense of calm to any indoor or outdoor space – as their color of the year.

YourStyle Edge Smooth MASTERGRAIN Door in Distance Color - E831

GET IDEAS: YourStyle Edge Smooth | Distance | E831

Bold and beautiful: the rise of black front doors

The dramatic allure of black front doors is arguably one of the most striking trends in exterior design and as research suggests, it isn’t going away anytime soon. This bold color choice is making waves in the industry, adding a modern and stylish edge to homes. If you’re seriously contemplating a walk on the dark side, MASTERGRAIN™ has no shortage of exterior door design options that stun in black or other dark finishes.

Thomas Contemporary Edge Smooth Engraved Tricorn Black - MASTERGRAIN Door

GET IDEAS: Thomas | Contemporary Edge Smooth Engraved | Tricorn Black | E953

Nature calls: exploring earth tone trends

Mother Nature herself would approve of this next design trend: earthy tones to evoke warmth, coziness and a sense of escape right at your front doorstep. After all, isn’t that what homeowners want when they come home?

Choosing a color for an entry door can be tricky, so how do you pick the right one? A good place to start is to look at the overall style of your house. Go with a color that will complement the overall architecture and consider the colors of the windows and other elements of your home. Last but not least, while we love a good design trend, make sure to pick a color that makes you feel comfortable and happy today and in the long run.

MG F870 Palma YourStyle Fir Sweet Honey Horizontal 1

GET IDEAS: Palma | YourStyle Fir | Sweet Honey | F870