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Top Home Exterior Design Trends to Watch for in 2024

Step into the future of home aesthetics as we unveil the hottest trends shaping exterior design in 2024. Homes and doors today are more than just structures; they’re canvasses for style and statement pieces that capture the eye with their beauty and strength.

Looking for inspo to kickstart a new year home reno? We’re sharing our top picks for exterior home design trends to watch for in 2024 that are transforming entryways across Canada, including a few that might surprise you.

#1 Front Door Colour Trends: Unlocked

If windows are the eyes of a home, consider the front door to be the mouth to your abode where style speaks for itself. It’s the one feature that can instantly boost a home’s curb appeal by something as simple as a change of color; enter the latest trend in home design: colored exterior doors.

Pillow on a bench
SW 6239 Upward, a dreamy denim blue with calm gray undertones, is Sherwin Williams’ colour of the year 2024.

Selecting a color for an entry door can be a daunting task, no doubt. Thankfully, color experts have narrowed down the most popular paint colors for 2024 (so you don’t have to). With Sherwin Williams announcing ‘Upward’ – a breezy, blissful blue – as its color of the year, expect to see an array of blue hues used on home exteriors including front doors.

MG E954 Madeline Contemporary Edge Smooth Engraved Festoon Aqua Horizontal Close Up
GET IDEAS: MASTERGRAIN™ Door | MADELINE | | Contemporary Collection | Edge Smooth Texture | Engraved | E954

Rustic European farmhouse meets contemporary influence in this fiberglass door design. Try one of our recommended signature paint colors: ‘Ruby Red’ and ‘Festoon Aqua’, or opt for a modern dark finish in our ‘Midnight Surf’ stain.

Jumping to arguably one of the most striking exterior color trends for 2024: the dramatic allure of black front doors, which research shows is hitting new heights with homeowners.

A fiberglass woodgrain door featuring a sleek reimagined take on the classic herringbone pattern stuns in our recommended: Tricorn Black, Antique Brown, Iron Ore, Slate and Windswept Smoke.

MG E953 Thomas Contemporary Edge Smooth Engraved Naval Horizontal Wide Angle

GET IDEAS: MASTERGRAIN™ Door | THOMAS | Contemporary Collection | Edge smooth Texture | Engraved | E953

MG F306 Craftsman Fir Cashew Vertical Close Up

GET IDEAS: MASTERGRAIN™ Door | Craftsman Collection | Fir Grain | F300

#2. Craftsman Charm: Nostalgia In Every Detail

Nothing beats a timeless design on an exterior door like the appeal of a Craftsman door. Characterized by their distinctive designs and emphasis on craftsmanship, these doors bring a touch of nostalgia to modern homes, blending seamlessly with all architectural styles. Now, you can’t talk about timeless doors without a nod to the classics: Cherry and Oak. Styles like these stand the test of time with their effortless ability to leave a lasting impression.

MG C608 Contemporary Cherry Stainless Inlay Black Stain Vertical Interior

GET IDEAS: MASTERGRAIN™ Door | Contemporary Collection | Cherry Grain | Stainless Inlay | C608

#3. Sidelites: Illuminating Entrances with Style

From the sidelines to the spotlight, sidelites are making a comeback in 2024. These slim glass or solid panels on either side of a front door are not just functional additions but aesthetic powerhouses. Flooding your entranceway with natural light, sidelites create a welcoming atmosphere on the inside while giving the outside an instant refresh. From sleek modern panels to intricate traditional motifs, there’s a design to suit every homeowner’s taste.

MG C501 Contemporary Cherry Engraved Henna Vertical Interior

GET IDEAS: MASTERGRAIN™ Door |  Contemporary Collection Cherry  Grain | Engraving | C501

#4. Nature-Inspired Designs: Bringing the Outdoors In

Infusing more natural light into your home goes hand-in-hand with the continued trend of embracing nature-inspired design. Sliding glass doors, for instance, continue to be popular for seamless transitions between indoors and out. An entry door in a warm earthy tone or a dark forest green to complement an outdoor landscape is also on trend this year, as is an organic texture like a woodgrain aesthetic on a fiberglass door. The key takeaway is to incorporate nature into your living space, not just as a view, but by design in a way that reflects your own personal style.

#5. Oversized Entryways: Making A Big Statement

Oversized doors are making a grand entrance in 2024 (no pun intended). Not your average front door, these larger-than-life doors are statement pieces that command attention. Welcome to a new era in exterior home design, where a door is no longer just an entry point but rather an unapologetic work of art. Whether you prefer a minimalist façade or one with more detail, doors like these are the epitome of contemporary luxury and design. When it comes to this year’s top front door styles, bigger and bolder is in if you have the space for it.

MG C614 Esperanza Contemporary Cherry Stainless Inlay Cigar Horizontal Medium

GET IDEAS: MASTERGRAIN™ | Esperanza | Contemporary Door Collection | Cherry Grain | Stainless Inlay | C614

#6. Pivot Doors: Revolutionizing Entrances

Get ready to pivot, literally, into the future of exterior design with this year’s trendsetter of front doors: the pivot door.

With home architectural design trends moving toward higher ceilings, this shift calls for an equally impressive and contemporary front door aesthetic – typically taller and wider – that adds an extra dimension of sophistication to your home’s entrance. Unlike standard doors that swing on a vertical axis, pivot doors pivot on a horizontal axis, creating a smooth and eye-catching experience. One of MASTERGRAIN’s latest such innovations is the Fiberglass Pivot Door system engineered to perfectly blend practicality with the inherent benefits of fiberglass.

This pivot door features a molded fiberglass door panel in a Walnut woodgrain with a pillowed feature and a completely custom integrated handle with LED lights.

MG Divide Walnut Pivot Door System Antique Barrel Horizontal
Berlin Lever Handle Black

GET IDEAS: Ferco Handle | Contemporary Handle | Trim Kit – BERLIN | 65mm Plates

#7. Get A Handle On Hardware

Just as entry doors see trends come and go, the humble door handle is no exception. Minimalism will still rule in door hardware for 2024, as architects and interior designers alike seek modern elegance in sleek lines and simplistic designs. Among other noteworthy hardware trends to expect: enhanced multipoint lock systems; Bluetooth-enabled locks and fingerprint recognition; a push for eco-friendlier materials; greater customization options like engraving; contemporary ergonomics will be big and even retro-inspired designs will make an appearance (or return) in hardware collections.

MG F304 Craftsman Fir Dentil Shelf Henna Horizontal MediumShot

GET IDEAS: MASTERGRAIN™ Door |  Craftsman Collection Fir Grain | F304

#8. Fiberglass Revolution: A Trend That Transcends

While we love a good trend, this next one goes beyond just hype; it’s a choice toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Fiberglass doors are energy-efficient as they provide premium insulation that will save you money over time. Bonus: they’re as low maintenance as exterior doors can get. Unlike wood or steel doors, fiberglass doors don’t need regular paint touch-ups or staining. There’s no warping, cracking, splitting, or rotting on these doors. So, while fiberglass trends upward with entryways, it’s also helping homeowners live greener.